2015 ROG Accomplishments

U/ZCM reported the accomplishments of ROG for 2015. Among the many milestones of the Regional Operations Group are:

  1. establishment of more than a hundred Negosyo Centers,
  2. Shared Service Facilities (SSF),
  3. Diskwento Caravans,
  4. SME Roving Academies (SMERA),
  5. Agrarian Reform Communities (ARCs),
  6. the assistance to typhoon Yolanda victims through the Livelihood Seeding Program,
  7. National Industry Clustering,
  8. Bottom-up Budgeting (BuB),
  9. Coconut Industry Development Program,
  10. National Industry Cluster Capacity Enhancement Project (NICCEP),
  11. Promotion of Green Economic Development (ProGED)

On the Industry clustering strategy, the 6 priority industry clusters are:

  1. rubber,
  2. coco coir,
  3. coffee,
  4. cacao,
  5. processed fruits & nuts, and tourism support industries.

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