PHL to be global hub for furniture by 2030

DTI wants the Philippines to be a global hub for furniture by the year 2030.

Chamber of Furniture Industries of the Philippines, Inc. (CFIP), a national group of firms, chapters, and, said that the main strength of the industry is on design, especially the parts and pieces that uses sustainable materials or indigenous components such as abaca, bamboo, coco coir, buri, and piña fiber.

DTI data indicated that of the USD 35B value of world production of furniture in 2012, 0.2% was accounted for by the Philippines.  The industry intends to increase its share in the global market to two percent by 2017.

The industry is targeting the medium to high-end segment of the traditional markets such as North America, Europe, Middle East and Japan; Asia especially Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Shanghai, Ho Chi Minh, Bangkok and Singapore; and Brazil, Russia, India, and China (BRICs).


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