SSFs in Region 6

DTI poured in over P17M for the establishment of shared service facilities (SSF) in Region 6 or a total of 52 SSFs as of Dec 2015.

  • Iloilo: 13 SSFs (P6.9M) – facilities for food processing, furniture and furnishings, packaging and labelling, garment, coco fiber production, abaca stripping, and business resource centers.
  • Capiz: 7 SSFs (P2.9M) – coco oil mill, tools packaging facility, wearables, deboned bangus, abaca stripping and business resource center.
  • Aklan: 23 SSFs (P2.9) – abaca loomweaving and one business resource center
  • Guimaras: 2 SSFs ( P1.3M) – hot water treatment for mango and business resource center.
  • Antique: 1 SSF (P1.2M) – coffee processing and a business resource center, and,
  • Negros Occidental: 4 SSFs (P1.7M) – high speed sewing machines, garments, vermi composting, and business resource center

Note: A comprehensive study on the effectiveness of the SSFs should be conducted. I remembered this was discussed as one of the activities of the proposed RERE project with ADB.


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