PEDP regionalization

EMB and the Export Development Council (EDC) held its Mindanao and Visayas forum entitled, “Forum on Philippine Export Development Plan (PEDP) 2015-2017 Regionalization” at Microtel Hotel, Lanang, Davao City and Hotel Elizabeth, Cebu City, respectively.

The forum, funded by the European-Union (EU) Trade Related Technical Assistance (TRTA) Project 3 was participated by over 200 participants from the Mindanao and Visayas export community including other government agencies, local government units (LGUs), micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), and representatives from the private sector.

The PEDP regionalization forum aims to present the recently-approved export plan to the exporting communities in the country. It further aims to equip exports producers the knowledge and information in maximizing the opportunities and interventions that the plan has to offer.

On March 16, the first leg of the PEDP Regionalization for the National Capital Region and Region 4 was held at the Ace Hotel and Suites in Pasig City. Same forum will be held for the Luzon region on April 5 at Holiday Inn, Clark, Pampanga.


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