BOI facilitated Bamboo Industry Development Roadmap Workshop

During the meeting, stakeholders noted the reports and analyses done on priority areas and high potential growth sectors of the bamboo industry.  Propagators of bamboo planting materials and plantation developers were highlighted on the supply side. Proponents of furniture and handicrafts, specialized products, engineered-bamboo, construction, agriculture and fisheries, biofuel, food products, pulp and paper, bamboo chips as fuel, and chemical products sectors comprised the demand side.

A review of the issues raised by bamboo producers and processors were also discussed and among them focused on the availability of raw materials, government policies and regulations, research and development, and bamboo industry competitiveness.  Participants from the private sector also shared information on newly-developed bamboo products and big-ticket projects for the bamboo industry.

The industry’s short-term goals stated that by end of 2017, the Philippine Bamboo Industry Development Council (PBIDC) is strengthened through a Republic Act or an Executive Order. In the same year, an inventory of bamboo resources and bamboo enterprises should also be completed and data management system on resources and enterprises already established.


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