Cebu holds its Negosyo, Konsyumer, ATBP from June 9-11.

The “Negosyo, Konsyumer ATBP” aims to bring closer to the MSMEs focused and integrated menu of DTI Services and Programs targeted to help MSMEs address the challenges they are currently facing in their business operations and improve their competitiveness. The event also aims to increase the level of awareness of consumers on their rights and responsibilities and the business sector on their compliance to the prescribed laws and policies.

Activities include:

  • breakout sessions such as the National Logistics Roadmap, Investment Briefing, Sustainable Business Models and Maker trainings
  • Food Safety Seminar
  • Seminar on Expanding your Business through E-commerce
  • Consumer and Standard Blitz
  • Catapulting Business for the Global Market and Capability Building for Women Entrepreneurs
  • Skills Enhancement of Negosyo Center Counselors on the Effective Utilization of Trade Marks
  • Slingshot Cebu

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