Tool and die mold scholars start training

The DTI-BOI together with the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) – Metal Industry Research and Development Center (MIRDC) and the Philippine Die and Mold Association, Inc. (PDMA) welcomed its third batch of trained tool die and mold scholars during a ceremony held earlier this month in Taguig City.

According to DTI-BOI, the tool and die industries is a skill-intensive and technology-dependent sector, and to remain competitive, die and mould makers have to learn the ever-changing technologies in design and manufacturing. Its products include dies (simple, compound and progressive), molds (for forging, plastics injection or blow molding, die casting, glass blow molding) and tools (e.g. jigs and fixtures) used for cutting and shaping different materials.

This capacity-building initiative is under the “Enhancing Tool and Die Industry Competitiveness by Expanding the Pool of Trained and Highly Skilled Die and Mold Designer and Makers” or the D2M2 Project is identified in the Tool and Die Industry Roadmap. The roadmap outlines strategies in the short-run (2015-2016), such as Manpower Improvement, Technology Upgrade and Modernization, and Indigenous Sourcing of Critical Materials.